PWD Event Schedule

Pack 325 - Weigh-In

Thursday, January 24th, 2019

6:45PM – 7:45PM Country Lane MU Room

REQUIRED TO RACE - Get your car done! Don't wait until the last minute!

All scout's cars racing in the Pinewood Derby must be weighed, registered and impounded until the race. Scout cars that are not inspected and registered at the weigh-in will not be eligible for awards or advancement to district.

New parents:

This meeting has no schedule or presentation. It's an open house style event where you bring your scout with their completed car. There will be officials (volunteers) inspecting and weighing each car. If it qualifies the car will be registered and the officials will keep it safe until race night. The cars are impounded to prevent anyone from altering their car after inspection and help ensure a fair race for all.

If your car does not qualify the first time (carefully read the rules!) you can try to make adjustments and try again. There will be some basic tools available to make minor adjustments, but its better to bring your own supplies like weights, glue, etc. Be sure you car is able to add or remove weight for fine tuning at weigh-in. Weigh-in is not the time to be removing wood from your car. Dry lubrication can be applied at check-in and during a “prep period” before the Cub Finals Race (for qualifying cars) only. Applying lubrication to your car during the race is now allowed.

Please be sure to read the car building rules very carefully. To ensure there are no issues with Pack 325 cars that qualify for the district race we will be extra strict during check-in inspection.

Exception: Parents and siblings cars for our Family Races do not need to weigh-in or register.

Pack 325 - Race

Friday, January 25th, 2019

Country Lane MU Room

6:00PM – 9PM

The Race

  • Opening Ceremony

Part 1

  • Tiger Race
    • Tigers will race first, four times each (once in each lane), against other Tigers. The two fastest Tigers qualify for the district race.
  • Family Racing
    • As time allows between racing action, sibling/parent races will be announced.
  • Tiger Awards Ceremony
    • Tiger only speed and design awards presented.
    • The top 3 cars will be impounded for district race. Everyone else can take their car home.
    • Tigers are done at this point, but are encouraged to stay if they want to watch the rest of the races.

Part 2

  • Cub Qualifying Heats
    • Wolf, Bear and Webelos Scouts will race four times (once in each lane), randomly assigned by computer.
  • Cub Finals Race
    • The fastest 12 scouts from the qualifying heats will compete in a finals race. The two fastest scouts qualify for the district race.
  • Cub Awards Ceremony
    • Cub speed and design awards presented.
    • The top 3 cars will be impounded for district race. Everyone else can take their car home.
  • Cleanup


Parents bring ca$h: The Pit Stop Cafe will be open for food and drink (sold at cost).

Family Fun

Family Races

Parents and siblings can join the fun with our Family Races. These are held between the scout races, as time allows. Siblings and parents can run their cars (no weigh-in or registration required) for fun, without the full rulebook scouts have to follow. Dig out your own childhood derby cars or make a new one along with your scout. Car kits and accessories are available at the Scout Shop or

Pioneer District Race

Weigh-In: Thursday, February 7, 2019

Race: Saturday, February 9, 2019

Location TBD- Check: Pioneer District website

Time TBD - Check: Pioneer District website

Registration Cost: Paid by Pack.

Anyone can attend for free as a spectator to cheer on our Pack 325 winners.

The top two Tiger Cubs and top two older scouts (Wolf/Bear/Webelos) from our Pack 325 race will be eligible to race at the Pioneer District Regional derby. The third place car of each group can race as an alternate if one of the top two chooses not to race. The regional Pinewood Derby rules require that the cars be impounded after the Pack race and brought to the District weigh-in by a Pack race race official.

More info: Pioneer District website