Pinewood Derby 2014 Results

Post date: Feb 1, 2014 11:28:52 PM

I hope everyone had a great time at the 2014 Pack 325 Pinewood Derby!

The event results are posted below.

Thank you to our Pinewood Derby volunteers for all the help at check-in and the race event: William Sheet, Somesh Rai, Tom Hughes, Subbu Kuttetira, Steve Weekley, Jeanne Roensch

Thank you to our Pit-Stop Cafe volunteers for the wonderful food and running the cafe: Anne-Marie Schwarts, Tina Schaefer

Special thanks to our Cubmaster John Roensch and Assistant Cubmaster Richard Hendricks for announcing the event, Jeanne Roensch for running the finish line video, Glenn Nomi for stepping in for lots of assistance, Tom Hughes for manning the car paddock the entire even, and to all the den leaders and parents for helping keep everything running smoothly.

Congratulations to Tigers race winners Andrew Nomi and Bryce Plant; and to Scout winners Justin Sheet and Turner Hammerick! You will be representing Pack 325 at the Pioneer District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, Febryart 8th!

-- Doug

Pack 325 Pinewood Derby Race Committee

Douglas Brooks

Willliam Sheet

Somesh Rai

Race Performance Awards

Den Performance Awards


Design Awards

Mach 325 Award

Wood Master Award

Paint Master Award

Anthony Pillado

Kevin Kim

Brandon Lee

Results By Time – Tiger Race

bold = top 3 award winners

Results By Time – Scout Qualifying Race

bold = top 12 finalists

Results By Time – Scout Finals Race

bold = top 3 award winners