Great Show-and-Sell!

Post date: Sep 28, 2010 4:17:20 PM

Dear Pack 325,

I want to congratulate all the cub scouts who had sacrificed their time and endured the heat this past weekend to support the pack and participate in the first popcorn show-and-sell event of this year.

Last weekend, 14 boys participated in the booth located at Gene's Fine Foods. They worked hard together to sell $690worth of popcorn. In addition, they collected $274.77 in donations! A total of $964.77.Congratulations to the cub scouts for the great results and the Akelas for their guidance during the event. Special thanks to the popcorn sale committee, Jill, Darcy, and Linda for ensuring the success of the show and sell.For those who had missed participating in this exciting event, you will surely have another opportunity to support scouting and your Pack. Yes, we still need you to sign up for the next show-and-sell event scheduled for the weekend of Oct. 16 and 17. We still have SEVENslots available on Saturday 16 Oct. Please sign up today at: booth will be set up outside the Lucky Store @ 200 El Paseo De Saratoga. Again, thank you for your support of scouting!Regards,

Khalid Darwish