Pinewood Derby 2011 Results

Post date: Feb 5, 2011 11:32:19 PM

Thank you everyone for a fun and exciting Pinewood Derby! There were some truly spectacular cars on the track this year.

Below please find the overall results, listed by den and total pack ranking.

A few things of note:

  • Ranking was done by fastest time out of your four races, not by points or place in your heat. It is possible to finish first in every heat you raced, but someone in another heat could have been faster and ranked higher than you.
  • Everyone raced 4 times, once in each lane of the track.
  • Time is the fastest time of your four races.
  • Miles per hour values (MPH) shown below are the average speed of your four races. This value is shown for fun and is not used in ranking, hence someone who ranked higher than you could have a slower average speed but yet had a faster single race time.
  • The miles per hour values are based on a 1/25" scale of a Pinewood Derby car. The top scaled speed this year was approximately 198.27 MPH. Actual speed was approximately 7.93 MPH.
  • Fun fact: the time difference between 1st and 42nd place is roughly half a second; this translates into 24.1 inches on the track, or 3.4 car lengths. The difference between 1st and 2nd place is 0.028 seconds; this translates into 1.62 inches on the track, or 0.23 car length!

Congratulations to the following Scouts whose cars proceed to the Pioneer District race on Saturday February 5th:


  1. Caleb N. (first place)
  2. Adam Q. (second place)
  3. Christopher M. (third place, alternate)


  1. Robert K. (first place)
  2. Elwin H. (second place)
  3. Mazin D. (third place, alternate)

Pack 325 Final Standings

Tiger (Den 1)

Wolf (Den 3)

Bear (Den 4)

Webelos 1 (Den 2)

Webelos 2 (Den 5)