Pinewood Derby 2012 Results

Post date: Jan 23, 2012 4:39:06 AM

I hope everyone had a great time at the Pack 325 Pinewood Derby. The event results are posted below.

Congratulations to Tyler Angell, Michael Hendricks, Elwin He and Mazin Darwish – you will be representing Pack 325 at the Pioneer District Pinewood Derby on Saturday, February 4th!

Race Performance Awards

Tiger Race – 1st Place

Tiger Race – 2nd Place

Tiger Race – 3rd Place

Scout Race – 1st Place

Scout Race – 2nd Place

Scout Race – 3rd Place

Tyler Angell

Michael Hendricks

Jason Shaw

Elwin He

Mazin Darwish

Andy Zheng

Den Performance Awards

Tiger Den – 1st Place

Tiger Den – 2nd Place

Tiger Den – 3rd Place

Wolf Den – 1st Place

Wolf Den – 2nd Place

Wolf Den – 3rd Place

Bear Den – 1st Place

Bear Den – 2nd Place

Bear Den – 3rd Place

Webelos 1 Den – 1st Place

Webelos 1 Den – 2nd Place

Webelos 1 Den – 3rd Place

Webelos 2 Den – 1st Place

Webelos 2 Den – 2nd Place

Webelos 2 Den – 3rd Place

Tyler Angell

Michael Hendricks

Jason Shaw

Zane Darwish

Morrison Kiehl

Brandon Beach

Anthony Roensch

Ethan Chung

Cesar Rodriguez

Elwin He

Andy Zheng

John Roensch

Mazin Darwish

Mitchell Shaw

Kyle Friedman

Design Awards

Heat Data – Time and Speed

Tiger Race

Scout Race – Qualifiers

Scout Race – Finals